Beauty and the Beast

c peppers small (600x450)

This past Friday evening at our local art league, I had the honor of presenting awards for their Spring Juried Exhibition of which I was the juror of entries and awards. Given the terrible events that began last week in Boston and West, Texas, I felt compelled to address how important it is that we, as artists, keep creating beauty. I may not have stated this as eloquently as I would have liked but I think everyone understood my meaning.

My husband has often said to me, “You have to keep painting, keep creating beauty…because there is too much ugly in this world.” He’s right, of course, because there will forever be no shortage of hate, anger and violence on this planet. Those beasts have reared their ugly heads since time began and unfortunately, will continue to do so.

While we, as artists, spend many solitary hours in our studios lost in creative endeavors it does not mean that we are not connected socially. On the contrary, our art is the thing that brings us closer and helps us process the bad stuff when it happens….then we hang it on a wall and hope it helps someone else.

Keep pushing paint, carving stone, chiseling wood, blending graphite and shaping glass as many have done before us in the midst of madness. Temper the Beast….with Beauty.