Sharing the Passion

Cecilias Geranuim

I have been an acrylic artist for many years and since 2007 I have been honored to have my work accepted into numerous juried exhibitions. I am primarily self-taught with the exception of a few months of private lessons which I took in 2006. Those lessons proved invaluable in learning some new techniques that helped to enrich my work. Eight years later I am still learning by experimentation, research and most importantly, observation. I have always been that person who questions a process or a function in a never-ending quest to understand. If I live to be 100 you will never hear me say that I’ve got this painting thing down pat. Ever.

Perhaps that is why, when asked in the past, if I would consider giving art lessons I always said no. There were the obvious time constraints but also my own sense of inadequacy. I suppose that I am not the only artist who feels that way….in fact, it seems to be a qualifier in this profession. We are always reaching for perfection but the reality is, it constantly eludes us. Case in point….when I have decided that a painting is done and the last brush stroke has been made I varnish it as soon as I possibly can so that I can say without a shadow of a doubt….”There, that’s done.” This allows me the freedom to move on to the next project without the temptation to fiddle with it.

This brings me to my current project. I decided recently to take on a few students for private lessons. I came to the conclusion that I may NEVER be done learning this medium but I have enough knowledge at this moment in time that may be valuable to someone else. Yesterday afternoon I gave my first lessons to a father and his young daughter. We worked on some basic drawing skills and I got a clear sense of their eagerness to learn. They both tell me that they are very much looking forward to the next session and they seemed pleased with their accomplishments.

Little do they know that I spent the rest of the day feeling my own sense of accomplishment. Sharing the passion is just one more step of this artful journey that I am on and I am so glad that I finally did.

“There, that’s done.”

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