Supporting the Arts

Red Rose and Roosters (800x608)

Last Friday evening my husband, Barry, and I attended the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 117th exhibition dinner which was held at The National Arts Club, NYC. My painting “Red Rose and Roosters” was on display along with some of the most amazing work of female talent in the country. The CLWAC is the oldest women’s only art club in the US. During the dinner, artist awards were presented and various speakers took the podium. One of those speakers was artist Claudia Seymour who had been named “honored member” of the month.

During Claudia’s speech she was thanking her supporters who consisted of friends and family but most of all her very loving and devoted husband. It was at this point that I was nodding my head vigorously and was tempted to give her words a standing ovation.

As an artist with my very own devoted husband I understood her meaning perfectly. We artists have our supporters, those people who praise, encourage and follow our accomplishments. But we can all point to that one person who goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we stay on track and keep creating. For me, that person is my husband who I will forever affectionately refer to as “Baer”.

Baer is the one who makes sure that my marathon weekend painting sessions can happen without interruption. He answers the phone, does the house cleaning, laundry and will even cook a delicious dinner when necessary. He has carried my paintings in and out of galleries, taken photos at exhibitions and driven me through the worst traffic that New York City could throw at him. He has pushed me out of creative slumps and has had to listen to the occasional cursing tirade that flows from the studio when the paint just isn’t cooperating. He opens letters from juried shows (because I’m too nervous to do it myself), lets me know the results and either celebrates my acceptance or comforts me if a piece has been rejected. He does these things willingly, without being asked, because he believes in my ability. His faith and optimism knows no bounds and I am forever grateful that he is in my life.

Please keep these things in mind the next time that you are introduced to an artist and be sure to thank their spouse or significant other for supporting the arts because no one does it like they do.

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